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Drone Footage in cinema, benefits and use

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)  and drone footage, are currently being used as a working tool. At first, these vehicles were used as a form of distraction or hobby.

But drones nowadays have many uses and new applications are being sought for these small and large UAVs.

One of their applications, since a few years ago, is the cinema. It can be said that drones in cinema have a great potential that will last for many years.

The benefits of drone footage in cinema

The film industry or the audiovisual market in general is a sector in which drones are a perfect tool to create shots and record impossible scenes. And it is that nowadays it is not conceivable a relationship in which drones are not used in the cinema.

In the Global group, we offer our drone services for the recording and creation of videos with cinematic quality. With these UAVs, you can record scenes in 4K quality, Time-lapse / Hyperlapse or 360-degree images.

Drones in filmmaking are adapting exceptionally well, as these unmanned aerial vehicles can carry high quality cameras to record very difficult shots at lower costs than using, for example, helicopters.

One of the benefits is the reduction of costs, a few years ago some crews had to pay from 4000 to 9000 euros per hour to rent airplanes to film aerial scenes. This has been considerably reduced nowadays.

The possibilities offered by these drones in filmmaking are limitless. They can record shots just a few centimeters above the ground and reach great heights (depending on the area in which it is recorded and the law in force).

In addition, it offers the possibility of filming over water; passing through windows and doors will be very easy with UAVs. There will be no limits to creativity in filming scenes.

Drones in the cinema for the creation of big productions

The use of drones in cinema has revolutionized the film industry, as UAVs have replaced, or in some cases complemented, helicopter filming.

Although this has not always been the case, it was not until late 2014 that the use of these unmanned aerial vehicles for film recording was permitted. Despite this, it was used a few years earlier for indoor filming of scenes.

Notable films that are major productions used drones for scene recording. James Bond Skyfall, The Wolf of Wall Street or Mercenaries 3, were pioneering productions in their use with impressive results.

Since 2015 in many films, if not all, drones have been used for the recording of scenes. Titles such as The Avengers, James Bond, Jurassic World, Captain America… They have used this recording tool to create spectacular scenes.

In television series drones have also been used for the recording of aerial scenes. Some examples are Narcos or Game of Thrones.

A small device but one that has great potential and is revolutionizing the film industry.

Drones in film, ‘In the Robot Skies: A Drone Love Story’.

And this cinematic revolution is spreading to change the way we watch movies. In this case we must talk about the film, recorded solely and exclusively with drones, the film is called ‘In the Robot Skies: A drone Love Story’.

Apart from being filmed only with drones, the drones themselves are part of the story. A love story using the unmanned aerial vehicle to communicate. In this film, it is proposed as a new form of communication.

New forms of communication and revolution in the recording of scenes is what the use of drones in cinema means. Do you have a recording project? Don’t think about it, at we give you the solution.

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