The standard license is a non-exclusive, perpetual and non-transferable, non-sub licensable license to use, reproduce, archive, modify and display the assets in specific media. The media included is limited to the following list: personal use and limited commercial use.

You can transfer the license to a client.
Unlimited Website Views.
Unlimited Email Marketing.
Unlimited Mobile Advertising.
Social Media Pages.
Can modify assets for minor technical quality, cropping or resizing only.
Includes 200,000 views or copies of the asset.

You must not reproduce the video up to more than 250,000 copies including marketing materials, digital documents, and software use.
You must not cause or allow appearing more than 250,000 copies on email marketing and mobile advertising.
You must not incorporate the asset in a live presentation if the audience is bigger than 250,000 viewers.
You must not include the asset in a press release, reproduce, distribute, or display the asset.

Standard License cannot be used in Merchandise, Feature Films, Theatrical Releases, TV & Radio Broadcast, Video games, Apps and/or Editorial Use.

The professional license has all the same rights as the standard license except that there is no limitation on the number of viewers.

Asset can be used on client’s merchandise such as mugs, t-shirt, posters or greeting cards.
Asset can be broadcast use over 500,000 copies or views.
Asset can be included on Film with over 500,000 views.
Asset can be modified.

You must include credit as follows “ Contributor Name – DroneFootage.io”.
You must not register, apply to register, a trademark, design mark, service mark, or trade name for any use of this asset.
You must not claim ownership of any kind of this asset, in an attempt to prevent further licensing or third party use of this asset.
You must not use the asset in a defamatory manner, or in violation of any laws, rules or regulations.
You must not use the asset in editorial manner without proper credit.
You must not use the asset for the benefit other than yourself, or single client without obtaining a separate agreement from DroneFootage.io.
You must not use or exploit this assest other than in the terms of this agreement.

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