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A Goldfish Has A Longer Attention Span Than Humans

Human attention has decreased by a third in just 20 years, from 12 seconds in 2002 to 8.25 seconds today. Goldfish, on the other hand, can focus on a task or object for 9 seconds. Today, it is more important than ever to capture someone’s attention, as every second counts. Even one second can mean the difference between missing a phone call, a bus, an elevator, or even a business opportunity. Is it possible to find the real strategy to capture your audience’s attention and keep them hooked? Let me show you exactly how we can successfully achieve that…

Have you considered these Project-killing gaps you might be facing?


Gustavo Padrón


“After spending years as a professional Editor, I have encountered many subtle ways of engaging a viewer, creating a WoW effect that literally drops jaws, adds to the story, significantly raises interest, and plants a lasting memory in the viewer’s mind.”

After all, isn’t this why we create videos?

Jovany Jimenez

“We spend countless hours, writing our content, planning shoots, spending large sums of money on productions, hiring professional crew members, and dealing with Directors and Producers just to shoot our content. To top it off with long nights of endlessly editing.”

Wouldn't you would want them to watch all the way till the end?

at storytelling and engagement using ONE resource.

One of our most valuable assets in the film industry is time, to be able to present options and try new things for clients’ needs, to correct small details in time and not be in a constant rush to get things out of the door.

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We’re inviting you to test our HD Drone Footage

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Big Sur CA. 11

Downtown LA. 06

Hollywood Sign LA. 02

Dodger Stadium LA. 01

Mammoth CA. 06

Venice Beach CA. 14

Malibu CA. 28

Griffith Park LA. 06

Las Vegas Desert 01



Use our FREE LUTS PACK, specially curated by our film editors, to enhance your videos, with more than 20 LUTS to choose from, you can finish your videos with one click.



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From Our Los Angeles Collection

DRONEFOOTAGE.IO can provide you with thousands of aerial images on demand, connecting you with professional drone footage from top class drone pilots from Los Angeles, marked with distinctive metadata that help you find the right shot with the right movement in the right location.

Resourcefulness is a key ingredient that fuels creativity and can be integrated in your set of tools and allows you to create better, and more engaging visual content.

Dronefootage.Io Will Provide Your Videos Higher-Production-Value At A Lower Cost.

It’s the ultimate dependable drone pilot, it can leave more time to focus on other parts of the video that need attention and most importantly generate that “wow” effect on your audience.

So where can you use these footage?

  • Social Media and Web Content
  • Business Presentations 
  • Educational Purposes
  • Short Films
  • Real Estate Property Viewing

Download your HD drone footage today and we’ll show you how we take our production to the next level.

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Since you have decided to stick around this far…

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Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

Get 1 FREE HD drone video

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